Friday, October 23, 2009

It is 1.50 am now... *wow* I slept for 7 hours! 'ghada' my sleep that I lost last time *hahaha* So damn good! After presentation thesis on Oct 22 and poster show off yesterday, at last.... I AM FREE! *laugh* I didn't have enough sleep this week because of this~ *nod*nod*

See my eyes? I didn't have strength anymore~ \"(>x<)"/

Once I become sleep deprived, I started to lose energy and focus. I have trouble in concentrating... became irritable and cranky after that. Felt anxious and shaky too. *nod*nod*

Where is... me?

Thanks, everyone... means a lot to me~ I have fun being with you all~ Hope our friendships remain until last breath lol~ *nod*nod* \(^____^)/

Syida, download picture =

Today's download song, new song from AAA, With You. Damn good!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yeah... Today was fun lol~ My faculty, FTMK (Fakulti Teknologi Maklumat Dan Komunikasi) held a party for RAYA lol~ only for students from FTMK lol~ *hehe* #(^_____^)# Thanks guys! I always welcome any FREE food~ *hoho*

To download pictures (MIT presentation and RAYA party) =

MIT final presentation *peace* p/s: I am glad it was over!

Lemang+Rendang, Lotong, Mee-hun, Watermelon, Sarsi drink

Yellow baju kurung - my second baju raya lol~

After eat-eat a lot, when to take a lot of pictures with Syida. Well.... it is last semester to be here, so we think to collect a lot of memories to remember lol! *hehe*

Best shot from me *peace*

Sexy pose from Syida *cute*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This morning, woke up early to attend a seminar... mmmm... forget the name but it has something to do with research and IT lol~ *peace*

Me, the photo shoot in front of library~

Ela, Syida and Kama

Actually, the seminar will end at 5 pm but we already blah before 1 pm lol~ *laugh* can't stay anymore because felt so damn sleepy~

Me and Ann

Me and Syida

We all went to pizza hut. Thanks to Umi and Ela who belanja we all lol~ *happy*cry in tears* #(^____^)# We all had cheesy garlic bread for starters and then we had our main courses which were Super Supreme and Hawaiian Chicken pizza. Then, ate chicken drumsticks marinated in sweet and spicy sprinkle as appetizers. *yummy* #(^____^)#

Me *peace*

Syida, Ela, Umi and Kama

Me and emma

p/s : I don't want to cross the bridge over at railway again! Now, still can feel how scared I was that time. My foot and even my hands were shaking lol!

To download the picture :

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is the life I got : The suckest class eveeerrrrrrrrrrrr~ 0(*+*)0 I hate that class. Damn I hate! I never get anything from that class. My lecturer is full of crap and always gives assignments and projects that I never know what are they for! Not only me, but my classmates felt the same way too!

Went to KFC with Syida and Ann~ Actually, this is what we planned last week lol~ *peace*

To download the picture :

snack plate, frezzy wedges (R) , milo, and french fries (L) = RM 17.85

chicken rice combo = RM9.25

Actually, I wanted to buy chicken rice combo but after looked at the real thing, I changed my mind! Think back right now, it didn't look same from what poster shown lol~ *damn KFC* 0(*+*)0

Me *peace*

Syida with her chicken rice combo

Ann, she ignored me! *sad*

Thursday, October 1, 2009

*laugh*laugh* Above picture is the durian trees that I storied before! *peace* Look at it closely and you will say "WAH, BANYAKNYA BUAH!!". You can also see rambutan tree there, right? Huge huge tree lol. I wish I am tarzan lol~ can panjat panjat without any problem lol!

Syida, me and Leha

Sorry for my bad pose there! My slipper also there lol, took off as it annoyed me when I wanted to eat lol~ All I thought that time was food.. food and food again.

Syida and Umi

Umi's baju raya is really cute~ I love yellow something... orange color lol (my fav *peace*)~ I think it suits her well lol~


Sad, she ignored me many times. It was difficult to get her attention. She is shy after all~ but I am glad that I got this nice shot of her lol~ At least she smiled lol~ *peace*

Among the food at Jamuan Raya, above picture (Soto, Kuey Teow Sup, Gado-gado) are the best lol! Add information, actually I ate 3 bowls of Gado-gado! *big laugh* My stomach became boyah after that! *laugh*laugh*

To download picture :