Monday, November 23, 2009

Nov 19 2009, went to watch 2012 movie at PAVILION lol~ what a great movie! Love it~ 5 stars! 2012 is science fiction disaster film based loosely on the 2012 phenomenon and directed by Roland Emmerich. It deals with the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan culture. If you are planning on seeing movie, then I suggest you to watch 2012 lol~ you won't regret it~ The special effects were freakin' incredible!

After great movie, walked around PAVILION, TIMES SQUARE, and 2 others megamall (sorry, forgot the name *haha*) \(>,<)/

Here some good memories with friends; Mashitah and Qila! Love you all~ Friends forever lol~ *cry*jump*


  1. rudy_tensai said...
    do you enjoy 2012 movie?
    4 me its sucks...
    its story, its effect.. zzzz
    the old disaster movie like "The day After Tomorrow" or "Armageddon" way better...
    Ezy said...
    heh? it s great after all~
    mayb becoz i went with my frenz n they keep clinging wit me watching this movie lol~ it s fun 2 share that moments lol~
    i also think this s great becoz i know it s very difficult 2 make effect like that lol~ (me, learn 1 too) n i m impressive what this movie done lol~

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